Gitlab CI/CD

Begin automating within days using a GitLab environment.

Exclusive offering: Host your GitLab environment where you want with options of UK hosting and backups included

  • Securely hosted full access to GitLab Community, Premium and Ultimate editions
  • Integrate the tools you need into one single application including: Maven, Ant and Selenium etc.
  • Safe from cyber threats, your environment is secured to the highest standards by cyber security experts

Why GitLab?

Imagine you replaced the 10+ tools in your DevOps process with just one.

It may sound too good to be true, but GitLab is proven.

GitLab has inbuilt:

  • Project management
  • Source control management
  • Code security testing (real-time)
  • Code quality testing
  • Continuous improvement and delivery
  • A Docker registry
  • Kubernetes integrations
  • Application monitoring tools integration



Goldman Sachs just went from 1 build in 2 weeks to 1k+ builds a day in 2020 without breaking integrations.

Wordline executed 1.4m CI jobs and improved code review potentials by 120x without bottlenecks.

Nvidia had 51% user growth in 1 year with 99% uptime.