Cloud Builder

Affordable cloud migrations

Move your legacy applications to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud on your own terms without the traditional high costs

Gain stronger security across your estate without
on-boarding expensive experts for prolonged periods

For clients who want to be able to deploy resources to any cloud provider.

Cloud Builder automates the major parts of your migration to the cloud whilst avoiding the risks of cyber security breaches.

You can now provision ready-made and complete sets of resources using one application to any cloud provider.

Security is hardened throughout the application, so even the most complex deployments are fully secure from the start.

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Cloud Builder for SME’s

Benefit from cloud migration without a capital intensive costs

Control over your resources regardless of the cloud provider you choose at any one time.

Common SME Misconceptions:

  • The cloud is insecure
  • Old servers that are currently being used are full of security flaws
  • Moving to the cloud is too expensive
  • Cloud operational costs are lower
  • Less ownership of client data
  • Cloud services enable more protection of client data and better GDPR compliance
  • The risk is huge
  • We de-risk the process

How Cloud Builder works:

CloudBuilder leverages a library of carefully constructed cloud patterns. Customers benefit from the most appropriate cloud designs for their business.

Using these, customers can build their own cloud infrastructure. Every design is a validated and tested template, which have a deployment assurance that meets the best security practices and government requirements.

User Interface:

A dashboard is available for customers to view:

1. What resources are deployed

2.Where they are deployed

3. When they were deployed


Clients can integrate the automation tools they desire through REST APIs.


Customers can browse our catalogue of designs to compare the benefits and realise the best fitting pattern.